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Global Leadership Foundation Annual Meeting

Eurasia House President Dr Armen Sarkissian took part in the Annual Meeting of the Global Leadership Foundation (GLF), 25-28 April 2013, which was held near Windsor, UK. 

Founded by former President of South Africa, F. W. De Klerk, GLF is a network built around its 34 members who as former Heads of State or Government and distinguished leaders, have something to offer current world leaders because they have first-hand experience of the difficulties of leadership. Members contribute to the work of GLF as private individuals.

This year’s gathering brought together GLF Members and International Council members. The organisation makes a difference by helping leaders govern. It makes a difference by bringing together leaders from many walks of life to share, to explore, to resolve and to plan. GLF Members bring immense collective experience of the political arena; to this the International Council adds an array of skills and understanding from the worlds of commerce, finance, philanthropy and humanitarian action.