Eurasia – the vast geographical area extending from Eastern Europe to Russia, the CIS and China – is a significant region with its vast human and natural resources.  Since the 1990s,  it has had an immense impact on inter-regional and international relations and developments around the globe.

Eurasia House is engaged in matters of political economy and business contacts between what used to be known as East and West, through its vast network of contacts with prominent civic figures, high-level corporate executives, business leaders, academics and specialists in Russia, Central Asia, Europe and the United States.


Eurasia House aims to become a centre for multi-layered contacts and communication of individuals, organisations and institutions, who share a common interest in Eurasia. It fosters the development of global partnerships in business, policy development, research and communications.

Eurasia House provides expert advice and facilitates projects in the region and internationally.

Institutional Cooperation

Eurasia House is involved with research and policy development projects on global energy security, technology and innovation, and cybersecurity with host of international organisations and universities. The Directors and Research Fellows of Eurasia House are actively engaged in the region and keep a busy schedule of speaking engagements, presentation of papers and conference participation. The Directors are invited by leading institutions and organisations to speak about areas of their expertise and interest, such as global energy security issues, oil and gas politics and economics, the technology sector in the Eurasia region, and other critical geo-strategic issues.